I’ve found it rather difficult, creating new posts for “Digitao” as you can see from the few posts I have made so far. I think one of the reasons for this is that I have not clarified in my own mind what I want to say and how to say it.

Often I’ll have an idea, let’s say, writing about my adventures cycling along the canal tow paths. I go out, usually with my camera, and along the journey I feel inspired to write about it. When I get home I set the computer up and download the photographs from my camera. Then follows an editorial frenzy of deletion discarding photographs that are crapalicious while all the time thinking of what to say and how to word it.

Generally it goes from I am here I went there and there and this is what I saw and how I felt to, the history and social dynamics of change in the country, how the canals were built, the industry that grew and declined there and how that affected the society bordering the canal. The wildlife, the decline and renewal. I have gone from wishing to include the odd photograph of interesting or picturesque places I have cycled past through to videoing my journey by a camera gaffer taped to my head to a flying drone with video camera.

I just get overwhelmed, swamped with ideas and I stall.

All of this is before the harsh critic pipes up about grammar, worth and art.

So just like this little post here I have decided to just write what I like and how I like to write about it.

I know no other way after all.

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